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Le Refuge du Laisonnay: The restaurant
Keeping traditions.
Quality food...

The Savoyard dishes served in Le Refuge du Laisonnay are based on the family recipes which is a heritage from our parents, grand parents and great grand parents...

Our goal is to make you re-discover the forgotten traditional gastronomy and the diversity of the tastes in our valley. The Savoyard kitchen has not always had cheese as the base of the preparation; raclette, cheese fondue and tartiflette is certainly very good but... modern! Believe it or not, they did not exist in Savoie only a few decades ago. Cheese was usually eaten simply with bred and wine. unique style:

If you would like to eat a real traditional meal, you can choose within the authentic alternatives that we prepare exactly like it used to be: diots au vin blanc (grilled porc sausages in a white wine and tomato sauce), pormoniers (boiled porc and vegetable sausages), farçon (potatoes grated raw and mixed with raisins etc, covered with bacon and baked in the oven like a cake), polenta (granulated corn cooked with cream, cheese and spices), crozets (Savoyard pasta cooked and fried in goose fat, with cream, cheese and spices), potée Savoyarde (5 to 7 different vegetables and 5 to 7 different parts of pork meat, everything separately boiled), coq à la Mondeuse (rooster marinated and cooked in local wine) ...


If you prefer dishes based on our local cheeses, you can choose fondue made with a mix of three different cheeses, raclettes, tartifles...


We also provide a selection of the best products from our region: cheeses, charcuterie products, wines...


In every occasion we can guarantee that we serve quality dishes by using simplicity: good products and good recipes...



Our products:


We select the products that we use in our kitchen from local providers with a good reputation.


Several ingredients used in our recipes come from small-scale producers using traditional methods. For many ingredients such as meet, cheese and wine we go directly to the producer. We are not only getting the best products possible, but also we are contributing to local development with a minimum impact on the environnement.


We also use AOC and IGP, and of course as many fresh products as possible.

AOC : Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée

IGP : Indication Géographique Protégée


AOC is used to describe a product that has its origins in a certain region or area, and which characteristics are exclusive for this specific region. The Institut National des Appellations d'Origine (INAO), is a public institution who propose the recognition of the AOCs and also control the agreement of the AOCs products.

IGP is an appellation established by the EU commission to protect the products that have a special reputation because of their geographical origin.


For the rest of the products that we have to find outside, we choose ecological products when it is possible, but it is not our priority. We better buy local products from a farmer we know even if the label is not on the product instead of buying ecological stuff that was traveling half the planet!


For coffee, tea and sugar we serve fairetrade products.


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How we work:
  • The restaurant in Le Refuge du Laisonnay is open for lunch and dinner, even in bad weather conditions. Lunch is usually served in the terrace. Our two dining rooms usually used for dinner, are also convenient during lunchtime for cold and rainy days. The restaurant might be closed on a few occasions, we therefore advice you to contact us before you come. We also strongly recommend you to book your table in advance.
Service: 12h-14h / 19h-20h30
  • Le refuge du Laisonnay is primarily a hostel for hikers. They eat dinner and they go to bed early, because they want to be on their way first thing in the morning. Also, the kitchen is run with a generator. We keep this in mind when we welcome dinner guests to the restaurant. With respect to the hikers staying in the Refuge, please do not come too late for dinner.